Adding your bank account details (Accommodation Suppliers)

An article for Accommodation providers that explains more about adding your bank details to your accommodation profile.
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How do I add images for my property?

This article explains how hinterland accommodation providers can add photos for their property, and for each room type.
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Do you support SiteMinder? is fully integrated with the SiteMinder Channel Management System.
SiteMinder's Channel Manager is the perfect tool for managing your room availability and pricing, on a wide range of booking sites including through a single, user friendly webpage.
How to create or connect a SiteMinder account to your listing
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Booking report

You can review and download a booking report for your property at any time from your administration panel.
The report shows all the transaction information on a booking by booking basis.

Log in to your Admin pages for the Gold Coast Hinterland or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

To get started, click on Booking Report on the left hand side menu, once you logged in.

You can filter your results using the different filters indicated.
Although our program is not an accounting system, all transactions are recorded and are able to be displayed on the screen or exported into an accounting system of your choice.
Firstly, the transaction data recorded and displayed on the screen includes: ID, Guest Name, Transaction Time/Date, Booked By and so on.
In addition, you can view the individual booking details by clicking on the ID number.

Finally, there is also an ability on the screen for a property owner to cancel the reservation.
Cancelling the reservation sends a cancel email to the guest, the system administrator (BookHinterland) and the property owner.
The data may also be exported in a CSV file ready for import into any accounting program of your choice. You may run the same report by ticking Download Report as CSV.