Frequently asked questions

Adding your account details

An article for Accommodation providers that explains more about adding your bank details to your accommodation profile.
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Can I suggest a new category?

If you want to list your hinterland business, organisation or event, and you cannot find a suitable category, then submit a ticket before or after submitting your listing with your suggestion for a new category.
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I forgot my Accommodation Supplier login details …

If you have forgotten your password and/or login details to access your property's admin panel, go to the Supplier Login page and click on the Forgotten password? Click here link:

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How do I add images for my property?

This article explains how hinterland accommodation providers can add photos for their property, and for each room type.
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Can I transfer my BookHinterland gift voucher to a friend?

There are two options when buying a gift voucher.

Print and deliver a gift voucher in person or by snail mail

  • Gift vouchers without a nominated email address are fully transferable.

Email a gift voucher

  • If you want to email a gift voucher, you will need to nominate the recipient's email address on the gift voucher. This ensures that only the intended recipient can use the gift voucher.
  • If you accidentally send a gift voucher to the wrong email address or the email gets lost, it can be canceled or refunded at no charge within 60 days of the purchase date. Just contact us with the details of the voucher sent.

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How do I use my gift voucher?

There are two different ways to redeem your gift voucher when booking your Gold or Sunshine Coast Hinterland accommodation: Instant bookings and Request bookings.
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What’s the difference between a BOOK NOW and REQUEST booking?

Book Now button Some properties are available to be booked immediately with instant confirmation, and the days available will be marked in green and you will be able to book by clicking the BOOK NOW or NEXT button.

Instant example
Request button Other properties are available on request. The days available will be marked in amber and after you choose the days you'd like to book, you can request confirmation by clicking the REQUEST or NEXT button.

Request example

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Do you support SiteMinder? is fully integrated with the SiteMinder Channel Management System.
SiteMinder's Channel Manager is the perfect tool for managing your room availability and pricing, on a wide range of booking sites including through a single, user friendly webpage.
How to create or connect a SiteMinder account to your listing
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Booking report

You can review and download a booking report for your property at any time from your administration panel.
The report shows all the transaction information on a booking by booking basis.

Log in to your Admin pages for the Gold Coast Hinterland or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

To get started, click on Booking Report on the left hand side menu, once you logged in.

You can filter your results using the different filters indicated.
Although our program is not an accounting system, all transactions are recorded and are able to be displayed on the screen or exported into an accounting system of your choice.
Firstly, the transaction data recorded and displayed on the screen includes: ID, Guest Name, Transaction Time/Date, Booked By and so on.
In addition, you can view the individual booking details by clicking on the ID number.

Finally, there is also an ability on the screen for a property owner to cancel the reservation.
Cancelling the reservation sends a cancel email to the guest, the system administrator (BookHinterland) and the property owner.
The data may also be exported in a CSV file ready for import into any accounting program of your choice. You may run the same report by ticking Download Report as CSV.