Channel Management Systems


With multi-channel marketing being the future for online bookings and marketing, is fully integrated with the SiteMinder, ResOnline and V3's Frontdesk Channel Management Systems.

If you already are using one of these channel managers, you will need no introduction to its benefits, so you can skip directly to How do I connect my channel management system and

What are Channel Management systems?

The internet is the fastest growing source of bookings for accommodation providers today. But managing room availability on multiple online booking sites can be time consuming.

Channel Management systems are perfect tools for managing your room availability and pricing, on a wide range of booking sites through a single, user friendly webpage.

Whether you sell a room over the phone or through, the Channel Management systems will update all "channels" you are connected to automatically.

What are the benefits of a Channel Manager and integration?

One website login for and any other channels where your rooms are listed Saves time updating availability and pricing across multiple sites
Set and forget - availability gets updated automatically regardless where the booking is made No more double bookings; You can sell your rooms instantly rather than on request, converting more sales
All available rooms online at all channels No need to assign different rooms to different booking sites to prevent double booking
Extensive list of local and international sites List easily with sites other than (but you don't have to  Smilie )
100% internet based Just like you can view and update your available rooms and prices anywhere and anytime
Sell your rooms up to 365 days ahead Unlike some other booking sites, SiteMinder/ResOnline and integration allows people to book your rooms up to a year ahead
Fully compatible with booking engine integration into your website Connect your "white label" booking engine to your website
Efficient, personal and friendly support Contact us anytime here


How do I connect my Channel Management system and

The steps below explain how to get your channel manager and accounts integrated.

We are more than happy to add your property, rooms etc for you, and take care of the whole setup (all at no cost of course).

Just contact us to get started.

Step 1: List your property

If you have not listed your property yet, add your accommodation here, or contact us.

Step 2: Add your rooms

Add your rooms, including configuration. There is no need to enter any availability or pricing if you are or will be using a Channel Management system.

Just contact us if you'd like us to do it for you.

Step 3: Create and connect your Channel Management system

Contact your Channel Management system provider and request to be connected to (an AccommodationGuru website).